Windows XP provides a backup tool to protect data as a preparation, if the hard disk or corrupted files accidentally deleted. By using backups, you can create duplicate all the data on the hard disk, and then save it in storage, such as portable hard drives or flash memory. So when the original data in the hard disk is not accidentally erased or something, or can not access because of the disruption on the hard disk, you can easily restore the data from the disk or archived copy of the restore wizard.

To be able to use the backup tool, you must have a license as an administrator or as a backup operator in the computer. You can also backup and restore files and folders without decrypt the encrypted file or folder.

Click Start, point to All Programs, *Accessories * System Tools, click Backup numb. Backup dialog box or Restore Wizard will open. Click the Advanced Mode, click the Backup tab. In the Job menu, click New. Tick the drive that you want to backup. If you need more specific options, develop the drive that you want, and then click the file or folder that you want. Click the System State.

If you want to backup system settings and data files, backup data is all in your computer. System State data includes some things, such as the registry, a database COM + class registration, the files in the Windows File Protection, and boot files. Backup destination in a row; click the backup destination that you will use. When you click a file in the previous step, type the entire path and file name that you want in the media or the backup file name. You can also specify a Network share as a goal.

Click Start Backup. Dialog box backup job information will appear. If on the media already contains backups, you can click append this backup to the media. If you want to add a backup with the previous backup, or click replace the data on the media with this backup, if you want to overwrite previous backups. Click Advanced. Tick verifies the data after the backup. In the backup type box, click the type of backup that you want. When you click a backup type, description of the type of backup that will appear in the "description". Click OK, and then click Start Backup. Backup Progress dialog box will appear, and the backups will begin. After the backup is finished, click Close.