Antivirus software for computers must be there. Because of computer viruses currently more vicious and variety. What's wrong? among other reasons, more and more people utilize the Internet connection. On the other hand, the creator of the virus found more clever ways to attack system. While sophisticated operating system is also more complicated to be regulated so you need a security update as often as possible.

The frequency of updates

You can not rely on antivirus software that does not update the page .Remember, virus scanners that are not updated worse than not having a virus scanner at all, because if you have them, and you do not update, you usually have been satisfied.

Needs of system resources

Remember, scanning takes place at the back of the program that other programs are running, so work should be really slowing transparent. So, if your computer when the antivirus running, you should not choose the program. Find it the complete and adequate review of antivirus software that you need.

Completeness of protection offered

Are these programs scanning the files that you download and e-mail worms? Is antivirus software to support e-mail program, the main program you use? Is antivirus software also protects your computer from the interference of web programs and malicious scripts?

Understanding of the options

Antivirus programs usually come with many option. If you must disable part of a program that other programs can run, can you do? How do you disable a temporary to install other programs?

Effective in identifying viruses and worms

Whether the program can quickly identify the virus by using a real time scanner, either by a virus from e-mail, instant messenger applications, web, or the other.

Effective in cleaning or isolate the infected files

Are antivirus programs doing the cleaning, quarantine or deletion of files on the infected, to stop the spread of the virus?

Reporting activities

You should be able to see and know each there is a request for scanning and what the program files to be affected by the virus, and must be notified immediately when an infection occurs. Scanning engine that is used? Are these programs rely on real time scanning? Can you schedule when the files in your system will be checked? Or you can determine their files which will be examined?