Chat applications on Linux systems have just released the latest version, which is Pidgin 2.8.0. Upgrading carried out by prioritizing voice functionality with a plug-in for the feature "settings" are available. Another improvement is the cleanup code duplication, repair some of the protocols on the ICQ, IRC, MSN, and AIM applications. Pidgin 2.8.0 implement a method that allows voice calls more clearly, it is intended that the bandwidth used is not compromised.

This chat application will provide a separate distinction for those who've tried some Instant Messenger applications before, especially in the Window operating system. Indeed there are some differences that exist in every feature, but I think it's not worth the trouble. Some of the key features that are almost entirely suitable for other applications, so it will give a distinct impression at the time of your chat activity, primarily because of the extra features like "voice" that you can use settings.