If you want to select several tools to build a home theater, there are several options you can take. Like for example the choice to design the room, hardware, like television, projector, player, and some software to support the course tailored to your budget. Beside that, apart from the existing budget, of course you must also consider the features possessed by each of these devices. For each device that supports a Home Theater, not apart from the functions and advantages possessed.

One of the main components in a system Home Theater is a layer to display an image. In this case there are two main options you can specify whether to use television as media images, or do you want to use the projector as a means to display the picture. There are several advantages and disadvantages for each of these devices are of course you must consider in detail. Some things you should consider among others:

If you are using as a means of supporting the projector to display images on the Home Theater system you have, and then there are some additional tools you need to provide, including the screen, and also a rather large room. This is due to present a more realistic picture of a Home Theater with a projector, normally required an appropriate distance between the big screen projector with the resolution you use. Therefore, if you want to use the projector as the main media, then it is good your first consultation to an expert designers, especially those familiar with the problem Home Theater application.

At present the use of television in a Home Theater is still widely used. This is because not require a large space such as when using a projector. Obviously this is for your own advantage, especially if you do not have a big enough room for a Home Theater. Besides, by using a television, we are also not bothered by the screen every time we have to prepare before the service to enjoy the Home Theater. But there are some shortcomings of television as part of the Home Theater, including the limitations of image display is not so large when compared with using a projector. From some reviews above, I think that all depends on who you want to enjoy the sensation of a Home Theater.