Site which is located in Helsinki consists of found this website and mobile website. Jaiku also function as a substitute for the address book feature, but this service only works on Nokia S60. The uniqueness of this site is located in the Lifestream, Internet feeds that users share their online activities using the other program such as for photos or flickr, last.fm for music. However, since Jaiku into open-source, the function eliminates Lifestream.

This one site that collects updates from social networks and blogs. Users can create and distribute news feeds and on with a friend. Goal of FriendFeed is listed on the site make web content more relevant and useful to your account using the social network that already exists as a tool to find information of interest through a variety of different social networks.

Sites, which was born in September 2008 focused on this business, and only those with the email domain that can join the network is already established, almost similar to the mailing list. Can be spelled out Yammer is Twitter asks: "What did you do?" Yammer asking: "project what you're doing?"

Similar to FriendFeed, Identi.ca provides services that users update the foam overlooks account social network, blog and microblogging at the same time. This service receives more than 8000 applicants and 19,000 updates in the first 24 hours since launch.

Creator of this site, (Sean McCullough, Adam Duffy and Ryan Merket) claim to have the idea of making Ping.fm, when bored to create a separate status to update Twitter and Tumblr. Service Ping.fm groups divided into three categories, namely: status updates, blogs and microblogs. Each update can be sent to each group separately.