It is important to me-manage data storage space on the media, be it hard drive or removable media. To make things easier for the user, the role required of a particular application. One of the applications which are designed as easy to use drive space manager is DriverSpacio. This application enables you to compare the capacity of multiple storage units, to know how files are distributed, and free space on the storage unit with a graphic presentation.

There are two different graphs on DriveSpacio in the layout files, among others, and one circular bar or pie and bar. Of these applications to be ideal in applications when the installation requires a capacity of hard disk space for the placement of the installation file so that user can see the whole, where the disk space can be allocated. Users can determine the choice of format information capacity hard disk spacein Kb, Mb or GB.

On this version have Multilanguage support and operations on the shell files, and folders, among others, open, open container, and delete. Hardware and software are the two things that can not be separated, because of each other need each other. One of the important hardware and take a large role in the output layer is the graphics card.

Becomes easier to know when the detail of information graphics card without having to make direct observations on the hardware, through the use of detection software known as TechPowerUp GPU-Zv0.3.4. This lightweight, and is a tool designed to provide information on the graphics card and GPU. Some of the improvements added to the last version, the bug fixes them is RV740, the number of repairs on the RV790 transistor, the improvement default clock reading on ATI cards, the improvement to be 65 nm GM45 and DX 10.0., And other improvements that can be seen in the revision history or change the log .