This office suite is a concise version of Microsoft Office. Typically, Microsoft Works is included (pre-load) in the notebook, or even a new PC. Works consists of five applications: word processor, database, spreadsheet, Calendar, and the dictionary. Tools that can be controlled and accessed via task launcher. This is essentially works the startup screen that offers access to the calendar and contacts. You can see the promises that you have created and the calendar application that supports up to 32 calendars separate from the different users. Launcher also has a history tab to show the documents that had just opened.

Word Processor
The display, Works 9.0 word processor is the same as the word before the 2007 version. The layout of buttons and menu is identical, so that anyone who ever uses the word pre-2007 would feel comfortable. Dictionary is provided separately in this word. You can format the text; also include a spreadsheet into a document. New Task Pane will list documents that you just open. You can also see the 36 templates. Works 9.0 Word Processor can be used to create and edit Microsoft Word 2007 document. Word format of the import of a word can be maintained. Unfortunately, we can not count the number of documents some of the words (with a marker). You can do is just provide the number of all words in a document. Another weakness, you can not create an index or table of contents (table of contents). Format level information, such as newspaper style layout, is also not available.

Spreadsheet provided in the Works referred to as a so-so version of a simple excel. Can perform tasks basic mathematics, including creates a conditional formula or calculating ages (the date of the other). Data can be sorted, although difficult. Chart can be made. Applications as well as Word Processor, spreadsheets can identify the files Office 2007. However, with different excel, here we are only allowed to open one per worksheet. If you want to open a excel document that contains several worksheets, we have to import one by one. The baffle, rows or columns are must be one by one, can not at once. Fortunately, even if takes time, cells can be formatted with a color and pattern.

Application database is a little similar to Access. However, in applications such as spreadsheets, database each Works 9.0 can only contain one table. Record can not be linked to each other here. There is no design view. Re-name the field is quite difficult. We will not be able to read files owned by a database access with this application. That can be opened only owned Works 9.0.

Altogether, Microsoft Works 9.0 is quite useful, especially if you do not need to pay to use them. Although the facilities are very basic, at least you currently use it as legal alternative software from Microsoft Office that the price is quite expensive.