When I am serious work, days when my friend the story through one of the messenger that Blog and he seems to have lost reserve guard or a backup with the term. Blog of my friend that lost all its contents. The only remaining message: error 404! Files not found. An error message that appears if the client (the computer is used) can not find what you are looking for in a server or deliberately configured so that does not meet the demand of the user and does not mention why.

Coincidence, my friend creates a blog in the same address with my blog. That is just the name alone. But why blog while he was gone I don’t know? Allegations appear, probably because there are people who do not like posting with my friends there. For my case, the first step is to login in. Until after the dashboard, click on (manage). In the manage tab, click (export). Then, in the author restrict, select the ID contributor blog any posts that any posts writings in the backup. If I select All authors only feature that is the default.

Indeed, the author of this blog is only me alone, but never mind. Please save or store in the location you want. If you are finished, log out immediately. The next step is to open a wordpress page and log on. After login, click directly on (tools) that are on the left. After that, click the (import). Please choose what type of blog that you have before the database is stored on a hard disk? Blogger? Livejournal? Because I use my site, I choose wordpress.

Please click on the name. Press (choose), and search the location where you save the file database blog posting that you want the backup line. Condition, the files that should not be more than 15mb. If you have met, click (file upload and import). Wait for some time. If you’re fast Internet connection, the process is not more than 5 minutes. Then, please log out. Now try to open your blog sweetie. All posting should have been installed with it in WordPress. Easy right?