Use of chat application at this time growing rapidly. Many providers include a chat client with its features built-in variety, and many options. There are various user login status is available on the chat client. By default, the status is usually used visible or available, but the status is for multiple users is not always desirable in certain conditions, such as a busy day or just want to talk contact a specific user only. Even invisible status can configure to contact only for certain users only. This can be done in one of the popular chat client, the Yahoo! Messenger.

For some users, on the condition of some invisible contact list-it is not expected. To know more clearly whether the user really offline or invisible, checks can be done on the service website or a particular application. Applications that can do this are Yahoo! Invisible scanner. Can use it to make sure your system has.

People who like writing, books usually have a diary. In the book it is usually a message, mood and the events that occurred in the author included therein. No wonder if the content of the book to be a secret diary, and certainly do not want to know or read by other people. Usually, the contents of the diary are used as reflection flashback various life events experienced or witnessed by the author.

The existence of the diary book has been adapted into much software. Currently, the course is not effective and efficient when a sheet of paper still spends to fill the diary. One of the software that can be used is efficient Portable Diary. This application can be placed on removable media, along with security for the encrypted password for the user. With this application, you can easily read or me-manage the contents of the diary with a quick and easy.