Selecting a computer casing. One of the important components in the computer is up casing. If we choose a casing for the computer should be adjusted with the existing components in the casing. Size computer casing can be used to place components. Besides, the price factor is also very important. Therefore, the most important function of the casing itself. Some part of the casing of which is a power supply. Usually if we buy a case there is a power supply already in it.

However, if we want to install the power supply is greater electrical power, then we can buy the power supply separately. This is because the power supply is located on the casing at the time we buy electrical power is usually inadequate if we want to install some components in it. For power supply usually has a standard power of 450 watts, but if we want to buy it separately, try to buy a power supply with more resources than most, which is about 500 watts. Besides, the things you need to buy your note in the fan casing . Typically for the size of the casing is rather large there are two to three fans. The more fan, the good performance of the casing. Why? Because the number of fan, then automatically the air circulation in the casing will be stable and this will affect the durability of the components in the casing.

Apart from some considerations, such as above, then the other things that need to be purchased in the casing is a casing of material itself, whether derived from the iron plate, or material derived from plastic. This also you should note, because the casing is usually derived from the iron plate will be more expensive compared to the casing which comes from plastic. But it all depends on the taste of each of us in selecting a computer case for us.