Many of us are upset with the Office 2007 Interface, where the entire familiar no longer exists. At this time I will try to explain about some of the main elements of the office 2007 applications. If you see Office 2007, then you definitely have to see ribbon. Ribbon is a set of tabs with a few key functions, and based on the drop-down list. Some of the other icon is an icon that is used most often.

Office button : At the time we do click on the office button, and then you will see the Office of almost the same as the traditional file menu. Here there are the basic commands, such as New, Open, and Save, and some new menu such as Prepare and Publish.

Galleries : Galleries attribute format is the place that we can use to various elements in Word, Excel, Power Point, and Access.

Live Preview : Along with the features galleries, there are also features Live Preview. At the time you mouse over the top of the formatting attributes gallery, directly using the document formatting, which functions as a preview.

Mini toolbar : Mini toolbar is a toolbar that appears when you select text. Mini toolbar contains several buttons used to perform on the text format.

Enhanced Screen Tips : In the mouse over the items on the Ribbon, you'll see the Enhanced Screen Tips that is useful for beginner users and those who are still learning Office 2007. More experienced users who may not be too bothered, although in some cases it is necessary.

Quick Access Toolbar : Is a collection of some of the key base which is often used if you start working with the application? On the right side you will see a drop-down menu customize the Quick Access Toolbar contains the buttons that you often use, such as Undo, Print Preview, and the Spelling & Grammar.