Hoi, the data on my computer was open, who is opening? This may have you experienced, and may be one file on the folder containing your data that are very personnel. How do I overcome this? Oooo, you are still confused to them? Do you have to lock the room so that people cannot enter? I think this is not possible to do, because you work in the office that may be many people concerned to use the computer simultaneously. But what must be doing next? Do not worry, a solution to secure your data is besides the applications you can use the password, you can also use the software file lock.

What this term again? Perhaps you are confused, because the new times you may hear this term File Lock. You want to know immediately what the software file lock? File lock software is an application that is used to protect data that are on the computer, so that only certain people can only lead to the data.

OK, I already know a little about the definition of this software, but how do I install this software on the computer? This software application compatible with Window XP, Window 2000, and Window Vista. Many benefits that can accrues if you use this software, what benefits?

OK, now I already know the definition and function and how to use them, but where can I get this software? Upsss, almost forgot. If you want to have this software to protect data and also that there are important files in your computer, you can buy it around the Internet. And if you come here, you may be more detail about all things related to the application. I hope with this software, we can protect the important data that we have in the computer, so that not all people can we open the data, and data at the end we are very safe, and not easy to know other people.