These days, the office job is not the best option for many people who would rather work at home. This is why more and more people take online data entry jobs instead. This is the perfect alternative for young mothers who still want to work but have to take care of the family at the same time. It is also a great opportunity for students who want to take part time jobs but would rather not be reporting to a convenience store or library just to make that extra cash. The Internet is probably the safest place to work since everything can be done from home. Here are some jobs online that actually pay for data entry.

Blog Entries : A lot of individuals and even companies are willing to spend money on people who will maintain their blogs for them. The problem here is that these people actually have all the ideas for their blogs but they either don't know how to put it in words or just cannot be bothered with manually entering that data into a blog. Therefore, these tasks are offered as online data entry jobs for anyone who will take them. There is a quota to reach each day but you can expect to be paid at the end of each day or whatever is most convenient for the payer.

Twitter Entries : Twitter has fast become one of the biggest online communities where people connect with each other and share information with one another. This is the reason why more and more people want to be on Twitter but when they do join, they don't really know what to post. This is where you can come in. You can get paid to maintain a Twitter account and online data entry jobs like this are one in a million. Just think how easy it is to place in 140 character entries including links just to direct people to other websites!

Website Articles : Of course, online marketing is still a big thing because it is what attracts visitors to various websites. This is one of the biggest paying online data entry jobs and a lot of people get into this activity just to make a few extra bucks. However, with the right guidance and concentration this can mean big money for the person working the job. You may want to consider this if you have the knack for churning hundreds of words in just hours a day. The only requirement is that you write on specific topics that are assigned to you by certain individuals or companies.